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Top 3 Website Health Recommendations

Action: Google Analytics
Action: Claim your Business on Google Maps
Action: Ensure your website is Mobile Friendly

Mobile Search Changes April 21

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Why Does It Matter?

In a very rare move by Google, the search giant recently announced a major new ranking signal for their search results. They confirm not having a mobile or responsive (another word for mobile friendly) website will have a “significant impact” on search starting April 21.

7 reasons why I’ll leave your website in less than 7 seconds

7 reasons why I’ll leave your website in less than 7 seconds

If your website falls into one (or more) of these reasons, don’t expect me (or your customers) to stay more than 7 seconds on your website!

We’re Hiring Again!

Intoria Internet Architects is hiring again. WordPress/PHP superheros can apply at

Facebook News Feed

Embedded posts from Facebook on your website

Facebook launched a few days ago new feature that will make it possible for people to bring posts from Facebook into their website.

Where Software Projects Go Wrong

As online software developers, we’ve been approached by many clients who have had failed software development experiences before coming to us.  From our experience, the biggest issue with failed application development projects isn’t a lack of technical experience (although that is sometimes the case).  Often, it simply comes down to doing the right things in …


TOP 10 Things You Need on Your Corporate Website

So, your company has a new website or is planning one. Congratulations! The process of designing, building and launching a corporate website can be tricky and tedious. To help you in that process, we made a list of functionalities that you must have… and some to avoid.


Top 10 reasons to go mobile

Is your site ready to go mobile and on smartphones? Do you have your smartphone near you all the time? A recent study shows that 52% of smartphone users are within an arm’s reach of their phone 20 to 24 hours a day!

Intoria Stampede Breakfast 2013

Stampede Breakfast 2013

Well, it’s that time of year again where all of Calgary goes out and feasts on free flapjacks and sausages. Yes, Stampede Breakfast season is upon us and this year the weather has actually been nice.

Social Media Should Be Social

Social Media Should Be Social

Social media is still a subject that causes a bit of head scratching in the business world. The view by many is that it is less effective than traditional advertising. Conventional thinking tells us that people use social media to connect, not to buy. While that may be true, using social media for business may be the missing ingredient to expanding your customer base and boosting profits.

Intoria's Mobile Homepage

Our Newest Mobile Project: Our Own Site

One of core benefits of being a team with a love for all things technical, we tend to identify Internet trends early. Last year, we decided since the Internet was truly becoming mobile by default, we might as well begin developing our websites to look good on such devices by default as well.


Editing is Important

Although it may seem a bit snobbish, there are many people “out there” to whom good grammar means a great deal. While you are likely an expert in your field, if your site has grammatical and spelling errors, it could have a direct effect on your credibility. these people could consider you less than competent …


Preparing to Meet with Your Web Designer

So you’ve decided you need a website? But, where do you start? We have found that most people don’t know how to prepare for the initial meeting with their web designer. However, if you can take a couple of hours in front of a computer with a pad and paper, the amount of time and …


User-Friendly Navigation

Find out why a solid navigation scheme is the most significant element in website design. A well-designed website has many important elements: elegant layout, pleasing color scheme, eye-catching graphics, and of course, relevant content. But unlike traditional print media where we typically read from cover to cover, there is no universal standard for interacting with …


Mobile Websites vs Mobile Apps

We get a lot of questions regarding mobile apps. Quite a few people have an incredible idea for an app, but others are just wanting to have their site available for their mobile users. What’s better? An app? Or, a mobile website? I’m glad you asked! There are actually three separate ways to develop for …


What is the Difference Between a Web Hosting Provider and an ISP?

Distinguishing an ISP from a Web Hosting Provider can be confusing, since the services  they offer sometimes overlap. Below we break down the essential difference. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider: Its primary function is to provide you with a connection to the Internet. Every Internet user accesses the ‘net through an ISP. On the …


Web Hosting For Your Site

The digital files that make up a website occupy space and, like paper files, they need to be stored somewhere. A web hosting service is a company that provides space on a server (a computer that is accessible via the Internet, used as a repository for web pages), allowing individuals and organizations to make their …

Wordpress Logo

What can a Content Management System (CMS) do for your site?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a Web application that simplifies the building and editing of websites. The key word here is CONTENT. CMS separates the content of the site (the text, information, images, forms) from the design of the site, allowing administrators to edit and update content easily without any specialized knowledge of programming. …


Will Your Website be Static or Dynamic?

STATIC: showing little or no change; lacking movement or vitality DYNAMIC: active, potent, energetic; the opposite of static. Static Websites in a Nutshell Once upon a time, the Internet consisted solely of static websites. Static sites contain a fixed amount of pages and display the same pre-built content each time the page is loaded. The …


Have you thought of a good domain name for your website?

If you want a great domain name for your business website, here are a few important considerations: 1. Who are you and what do you do? Be descriptive. Often, the name of the company will be the name of the website ( This is a great option if your company name is unique, well-known or …


CSS and Modern Web Development

If you were developing for the web 10+ years ago, you most likely became very familiar with the <table> tag. Note that I say “familiar with,” not “friends with.” Here’s why. Tables are sizable containers with rows, columns and cells. A table’s purpose is to display tabular data, things like sport scores, weather data and …


What is Dynamic Internet Programmming?

I was in an elevator, of all places, the other day and began doing what I do often – striking up a conversation with a stranger. He was a lawyer and I introduced myself as President of Intoria, a “dynamic Internet programming firm.” During the discussion that followed, it became clear to me that this …