Our Newest Mobile Project: Our Own Site

We are humbled that the last two years for Intoria have been a time of explosive growth.  Not surprisingly, the Internet has exploded as well in size, technology, and users.  With our increasingly on-the-go lives, it is no surprise that many studies suggest that about one third of Internet usage (and growing) is now on a smartphone or tablet… truly mobile browsing has arrived.

One of core benefits of being a team with a love for all things technical, we tend to identify Internet trends early.  Last year, we decided since the Internet was truly becoming mobile by default, we might as well begin developing our websites to look good on such devices by default as well.

Be it the case of the cobbler’s shoes or the mechanic’s car, with the increase in business, Intoria is guilty of not practicing what we preach.  Our own website lags behind this important new standard we’ve been implementing for our clients.  For over a year, we’ve been intending to rebuild our website from the ground up, but prioritizing our many client projects has sadly made this goal antecedence.

Enter spring, 2013. This season that is upon us always brings an energy and spirit of new beginnings.  What better time to redevelop our website?  We’ve peeled ourselves away for short, defined time slots and are beginning the brainstorming around our new site.  Perhaps a hack-a-thon will take it to the next stage, but for now, we’re happy to report a mobile friendly home page that truly looks good on all the devices we could find.

As mentioned above, this effort is not a one-time kick at the can.  The entire site is unfolding on our development servers, soon to be revealed (come back soon 🙂 ).

Suggestions and comments are always welcome.  If there is something you’d like to see, please let us know. And, of course, if you need a hand taking your website mobile, we’d love to help.