Editing is Important

Although it may seem a bit snobbish, there are many people “out there” to whom good grammar means a great deal. While you are likely an expert in your field, if your site has grammatical and spelling errors, it could have a direct effect on your credibility. these people could consider you less than competent

That is the extreme. Another reason for having your site content edited is that in this day and age, everyone has far too much to read, and will not put effort into reading something complicated. Studies have shown that if your wording is at a sixth grade level or below (i.e. extremely simple), you dramatically increase both the number of people reading and their retention of your information. If your text can be worded simply and read easily (actually, at about a grade six level), the average person will take the time to read it.

Most websites sites do not have too much text – perhaps only about 300 words. This takes just a few minutes to edit, but makes all the difference in the world. Good editing will turn your website text into something searchers will find easy to read, credible, interesting, and impressive.

If your site is large and your budget does not allow for a complete editing package, consider the most visible pages on your site. While editing every page may not be necessary, enhancing key pages may be something to consider. You also may be surprised at the number of pages that can be fully edited in only one hour.

At Intoria, we want all our sites to be excellent in every way.