What can a Content Management System (CMS) do for your site?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a Web application that simplifies the building and editing of websites. The key word here is CONTENT. CMS separates the content of the site (the text, information, images, forms) from the design of the site, allowing administrators to edit and update content easily without any specialized knowledge of programming.

How does CMS work?

CMS is created and installed by web designers, but intended to be used by you. It provides an uncomplicated, non-technical way of creating, updating, and editing content.

Content is created on the web in an administrative portion of the site, referred to as the Backend. The content of the site is stored in a database that can be managed easily, and updated quickly. This part of the site is accessed by administrators through a log-in process. Generally, anyone who can use Microsoft Word can use a CMS to update their website: Point, click, type, save: Website updated! Once you have settled on a design for your site, your CMS will allow you to create unlimited new pages and content, with the same professional look.

Through the magic of dynamic programming, the content that is created in the Backend is processed and displayed according to your design on the Frontend. The Frontend is what visitors see when they access your site.

Benefits of CMS

CMS simplifies managing your site in many ways:

  • Easy to update and maintain your site

Multiple staff can keep site up to date, and the CMS can control who has access to which elements. Edit from anywhere, even on your smartphone.

  • Make changes at any time

Breaking news at 2 a.m.? Your site can be updated any time from anywhere. CMS works 24 hours a day (unlike your web developer).

  • Reduces maintenance costs

No need to return to the developer for site updates. Editing your content is free.

  • Supports website growth

Easy updates means it’s easy to add content to your site. Growing sites keep users coming back and rank higher in search engine results (SEO).

  • Dynamic content

Tools like forums, polls, shopping carts, search engines, and news feeds are made possible (and simple) through CMS.

  • Improves customer experience

Dynamic programming allows content to respond uniquely to visitor’s requests.

Powerful Tools

A CMS can have several different modules that allow you to enhance your website. You could incorporate a news publishing system, a forum, a blog and an image gallery on the same website, all managed simply through CMS. The right CMS can provide tools to support the unique goals of your business, from searchable databases to peer-to-peer information sharing to an online store.

CMS is a powerful tool that can bring a website to life. There are endless options available to suit any business’ needs, and CMS can be incorporated into an existing site with relative ease. The limitless potential of CMS means custom solutions for your website, managed by you. Your developer should work with you to ensure that your CMS is tailored to meet the specific goals for your amazing future site.