7 reasons why I’ll leave your website in less than 7 seconds

If your website falls into one (or more) of these categories, don’t expect me (or your customers) to stay more than 7 seconds on your website!


1. Auto-sound and/or pop-ups

Who likes to be bombarded with an unwanted cacophony of nasty sound or pop-ups? Not me… It’s a winner to visit another website.


2. Pagination

When I read an article, I don’t need 10 pages for 10 paragraphs. It looks to me that you want to display more and more ads on your site (which I won’t click anyway).


3. Priotization of ads vs. content

Show me the good stuff; I don’t like to look for content on a page.


4. Immediate registration demands

What?!? I need to register on your website to get basic information??? No way…


5. Rubbish fonts

I know, Comic Sans, Courrier and Times New Roman are nice fonts… But the world has evolved in the last few years. Open your mind to web fonts!!


6. Narrow and/or left-aligned sites

For real? Is this really happening in 2013?


7. Flash or browser issues

Anybody heard of Apple? Flash does not work in Apple devices. Change your website. In the meantime, fix those browser issues, a.k.a Internet Explorer issues.


If your website suffers from any of these things, give us a call; we’re here to help!